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APM-7 Automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

The APM-7 automates the Pensky-Martens Closed Cup (PMCC) flash point test. The cup cover and stirrer are installed on a swing arm assembly for easy one-hand setup. The flash detector is a reliable and easy-to-maintain low mass thermocouple. An acrylic windshield provides draft protection. Quick cooling is facilitated by a high velocity fan.

Single Action Setting: The cup cover and the stirrer are permanently mounted on a swing-arm assembly, which allows easy handling of the test cup cover. It eliminates handling of the hot cup cover after completing a test.

Easy Operation: Select a test mode and enter the expected flash point; while the instrument executes the test, you are free to do other lab work. The instrument follows the exact procedures prescribed in the test method, and the completion of the test cycle is signaled by beeps. The test result is brightly shown on the VFD module.

Interchangeable Ignition Source: The APM-7 is equipped with both a gas and electric igniter as the ignition source. It only takes a few minutes to switch from gas to electric or vice versa.

Draft Protection Shield Cover: A tinted acrylic cover not only insures the flame integrity but reduces the glare from the electric igniter coil.

Modular Design: The tester consists of a computer control unit and a test head unit; the components may be placed up to 3 meters apart. An optional Changeover unit can be purchased to attach the control unit to another type of flash point test head unit (ATG-8 or ACO-8/8as). The control unit is designed to control any of the three different flash point test head units.


Conforming Standards:
ISO 2719, ASTM D93, IP 34, etc.

Measuring Range:
Ambient to 370oC

Test Modes:
ASTM D93 (ISO 2719, IP 34) A+B+C, Special (Fast Search), Simulated TAG, User’s Custom

Fluorescent display tube (VFD Module)

Temperature Sensor:
PT-100 in stainless steel sheath

Flash Detector:
CRC Thermocouple

Band type heater: 400W@100V or 400W@220V

Ignition Sources:
Gas ignition with automatic lighting or electric ignition, interchangeable

Cooling Device:
Forced air cooling by sirocco fan

Barometric Correction:
By entering the barometric pressure reading through the control panel, or by optional barometric pressure sensor

Data Output:
RS-232C 1 channel (for PC or Optional Printer)

Safety Mechanism:
The APM-7 automatically senses ten different potential fault conditions, and will automatically cease operation and report the problem by buzzer and display.

Dimensions & Weight:
Control unit: 230W x 455D x 110H (mm), 6.0kg
Test unit: 230W x 480D x 275H, (mm) 18.0kg

Installation Site:
Ambient temperature: 0 to 40oC
RH: Less than 90%(no condensation)

AC100/120V or 220/240V 50/60Hz (set at the factory) 0.7kW(max.)
GAS SUPPLY (When Gas Ignition is used):
LP gas or natural gas (Max. pressure<9.8kPa)

Standard Accessories:

    1 Test Cup Assembly 1 pc
    2 Power Connecting Cable, 0.6m 1 pc
    3 Signal Connecting Cable, 0.6m 1 pc
    4 AC Power Cord, 2.5m (<AC125V) or 3.0m (>AC200V) 1 pc
    5 Spare Thermofuse 3 pcs
    6 Insulation tube for Thermofuse, 0.1m 1 pc
    7 Gas Hose 9x16x1500mm 1 pc
    8 Gas Hose Band 2 pcs
    9 Wind Screen 1 pc
    10 Instruction Manual 1 pc
    11 oC/oF Display 1 pc
    12 Data Storage Software (requires built in clock) 1 pc

Suggested Spares for 2 Years:

    1 Test Cup Assembly 1 pc
    2 Electric igniter 2 pcs
    3 Thermofuse (pack of 5, with insulating tube) 1 pk
    4 Temperature Sensor 1 pc
    5 Flash Detector 1 pc

Optional Accessories:

    1 Power Connecting Cable, 3m
    2 Signal Connecting Cable, 3m
    3 Barometric Pressure Sensor
    4 Built-in Clock Board (for time/date verification)
    5 Printer, BS-80TSL (w/ AC Adapter & Connecting Cable)
    6 Changeover Unit, Model: CHG-7